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A new universe of possibilities, built by us, for us.

Vana is a community of people that are transforming their data into something incredible. Unleash your digital self in the Vanaverse and experience yourself like never before.

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So, how does Vana work?

01. Reclaim

Your data is the key to the future

Imagine your daily interactions with the digital world. Each time you swipe your credit card, click on a news article, take a health walk with your tracker, or order meal delivery, you’re contributing to a vast and intricate digital picture of yourself.

This data is yours.  But up until now, you haven’t really been able to do much with it on your own.  That’s all changed with AI. Your data are the seeds of your digital self.

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02. Create

Create your VNA and build your digital self

Using AI, you can weave your data together to form Virtual DNA, “VNA”.  Your VNA embodies a part of you: your Face VNA is inspired by your physical characteristics of your face, your Music VNA is inspired by your music preferences. There are endless aspects of yourself that you can now digitize and own.

With each VNA you create, you are building your digital self, your key to experiencing the Vanaverse.

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03. Explore

Explore the Vanaverse

Ever wondered what it would be like to be born in a different place or time? Or in a different body? Using your VNA and digital self, you can enter AI-powered experiences that allow you to simulate different realities.

With the power of personalization, you can also invite your friends and family to interact with your digital self like never before.  Explore realities together, or allow them to interact directly with your digital self.

Enter the Vanaverse
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Are you a creator, developer, builder, maker, mover, or shaker?

Unleash possibilities to co-create new realities with Vana. Host an art exhibition and bring your audience into your artwork. Allow your gamers to be their own main character. Create custom clothing designs based on someone’s music preferences. The possibilities with AI are literally endless.

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