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Digital Self

You create a bunch of data about yourself every day.
What if you could turn it into something creative, something beautiful? What if you could witness the wonders of your digital self?
You can. Enter Vana.

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A new universe of possibilities, built by us, for us.

Vana is an ecosystem of creative innovators who are harnessing the power of technology to create personalized, AI-powered apps. If you’re a developer, builder, maker, mover, or shaker, come build with us!

Build with us

Meet your digital self.

Vana Portrait is a generative AI experience that allows you to train your own AI model to create a gallery of AI Portraits!

Use Portrait

Your virtual playground.

Vana Studio uses your Portrait AI Model to allow you to be the artist and create endless AI generated portraits in infinite styles using just a few lines of text!

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A new level of self awareness.

GPT-Me uses generative AI and your VNA to train your own AI model to talk and respond just like you would!

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So, how does Vana work?

01. Connect

It starts with your “VNA”

Your VNA is your "virtual DNA". That means all digital material, aka your data, captures some aspect of your essence and can be used to tailor technology to your unique needs. By using your VNA with Vana's products, you will be able to unlock personalized, bespoke AI experiences that will change the way you surf the web.

Create your VNA by simply making a profile on Vana. Your data is safe, secured, and owned by you - forever.

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02. Experiment

Train your very own AI models

By interacting with Vana apps, your AI model automatically learns to represent you in the most authentic way possible. This improves your VNA so you get personalized and relevant results. It’s fun and easy!

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03. Grow

Access an ecosystem of VNA-powered apps

By bringing your VNA to the apps you love, you'll receive recommendations, insights, and customized experiences that are designed just for you. You’re in total control of what you share and what apps you give access to.

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Turn your






a masterpiece

the next bestseller

a feature film


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