Your data,

your rules.

You create so much data about yourself every day. What if you could see it all in one place and choose what to do with it? What if you could use it to change your world and the world around you? 
Enter Vana, the new data experience.

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Your data is so much more than just bytes.

Data fuels today's world. From recommended news to medical research, data's power is all around us. At Vana, we're developing tools for you to reclaim your data and realize its value.

Data is financial capital.

Vana is the market leader in DataFi, the idea that your data has financial value. In the Vana Data Exchange, you can realize that financial value by contributing your data to projects for financial reward or a stake in the project. You can even donate your data to causes and projects that matter to you, turning your data capital into positive change.

Data is your digital mirror.

Your data says a lot about you. Let's face it: we don't know ourselves as well as we'd like. We might say we're keen to exercise more, but our data says otherwise. Vana applications allow you to see insights about who you are, ranging from the fun and outrageous to useful. Vana lets you do all this within a secure ecosystem so you can rest assured that you are always in control.

Data is your key to better experiences.

Imagine never having to complete a boring online form again or having your perfect Friday night outfit chosen for you with one click. By storing your data safely and securely in your Data Vault, you have all of your data at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime. With Vana, you take your data with you and get better, more customized, digital experiences, wherever you go online.

So, how does Vana work?

01. Store

Create your Vault.

Your new data experience starts with the Vana Vault, your secure place to keep all of your valuable data. Create your Vault and start reclaiming your data today.

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02. Explore

Explore possibilities.

Now that your data is secure in one place, what you do with it is up to you. Visit the Vana Explore page to see all of the crazy things you can do with your data or head to the Data Exchange to see cool data projects that your fellow Vananauts are working on.

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03. Play

Your data, your rules.

You're ready to take on the world. Take the data in your Vault and use it with Vana applications. You could be discovering your optimal sleep patterns, participating in research to hack human happiness, or creating digitally generated artwork. Whatever it is, you get to decide where your data goes.

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Turn your


Spotify playlists

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travel recommendations

carbon neutral travel



Build with Vana.

By putting data back into the hands of individuals, we’re breaking down data monopolies and enabling technology builders to work directly with data owners to create new technology that people actually want.  

Access dream datasets.

Yes you, data scientist – we’re talking to you. Imagine being able to observe unfiltered behavior from a range of passively generated datasets. Imagine being able to ask questions to enrich a dataset with all sorts of output variables. Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore. Because users own and control their own data on Vana, all you need to do is ask nicely for it and make it worth their while.

Deploy with ease.

Do you have a software, service, or application that could benefit from allowing users to port their data from other platforms? Perhaps you want to create a customizable user experience using user data from a competitor, or deploy a cool new data-driven application. Vana lets you deploy with ease using our Vault API.

Build with purpose.

At Vana, we are enabling cutting-edge technology that is co-created by our community of users and builders. With Vana, data is sourced ethically and transparently from data owners. By allowing everyday people to have a say in what technology gets built, we are also creating incentives for impactful work. In line with this ethos, if you are looking to generate impact with data-driven technology or research, we'd love to connect!

You have questions.

We have answers.

Home is where the data is.

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