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Create a mini “you” that lives in your pocket. Discover a new way to connect and experience the world. 

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Vana, a home for digital you

Vana is where you can explore the idea of creating another version of you. Ever wanted to make yourself twice as productive? Or maybe you want to imagine yourself in a different reality? Vana lets you create a mini “you” so that you can do just that.

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How it works

01. Create

Build mini “you"

There’s a little piece of you that goes into each click, swipe or keystroke you make. With the help of a little tech wizardry, you can put all these pieces together to create your mini gotchi - the mini “you” that lives in your pocket on your phone.

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02. Explore

Take it anywhere

Take your gotchi to different apps where you can watch it play and connect with others. You can chat to it and have your friends chat to it. You can drop it into a simulation to experience a whole new side of you. You can even use it to help you out with everyday things like birthday greetings or break-up texts.

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03. Take the Reigns

Be always in control

Your gotchi is amazing and unique, just like you. So it’s important that you keep it safe. It lives on your Vana app and it is always under your control, along with any data that goes into creating it. It’s not Vana’s or anyone else’s. It’s yours and only yours.

Create my gotchi!
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Are you a creator, developer, builder, maker, mover, or shaker?

Imagine a growing community of 1M+ people itching for new things to do with their gotchis every day. If you’re curious about leveraging AI and deep personalization to create new ways for people to connect, experience, game, play, learn, and do, you should consider joining the Vana builder’s collective.

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